Blog Marathon…bible verses?

Ok,  I started this 30 day blog thing, and I am glad I did, however, I’m going to have to just come up with more of my own topics.  I can’t write about what I believe, or the bible.  Sorry.

That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my religion

I don’t know when or how it happened but, somehow I became a non-believer.  Organized religion has turned me off in a big way, probably a lot because of politics.  And history.   It is still to murky for me to articulate.  I like the service, rituals and thoughts, but the beliefs are hard for me now.

As for the bible, I have a few copies, and from bible camp, I know that my favorite verse is from Ecclesiastes 3:16 – for everything there is a season….  But what is the bible?  Who wrote it? When?  Why? How?   As a primary source, it works only slightly.

I don’t think people need a text or a bible to tell them how to treat each other.  I think the bible contradicts itself too much to be a text to follow as a rule book.  I think the bible is used too often to excuse bad behavior.

A student of mine this year talks back everyday.  She is mean, nasty and hateful.  Her mother excuses it with, “We come from a Christian home.”  Today, that same girl said to me:  “That wasn’t attitude, I talk like that all the time to my mom.”  I told her I would be sure to tell her mom how she felt.  She said, “Go ahead.  I ain’t got no attitude.”  How “Christian” is it to lie?  I don’t mean the child.  I mean the mother.  She tries to portray a “Christian home” when what she has is a foul mouthed adolescent with no real rules or expectations.

I wish I could say to them, “That’s okay, treat people like shit.  In the end you’ll be forgiven, right?  So keep on. ”  I’ll stick to one belief: The Golden Rule.  It works.

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One Response to Blog Marathon…bible verses?

  1. Sheryl says:

    My mom frequently wonders where she went wrong. I have some many students who state “evidence” for their beliefs “because it says so in the bible.” Well, in a highly accepted widely read book that I recently read, I found evidence for the existence of vampires…..

    And then to try to teach them what scientific evidence is without having parents jump on you because of religious disagreement…..oh POO!

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