Life Insurance

I guess this post could go with the turning forty six and the New Year’s one.  Recently, we’ve discussed life insurance.  And death, and what we would do with our corpses.  Bleh.  It has made me think again with some urgency about things I’d like to do.  Maybe won’t get to these in twenty eleven (I love writing the words of numbers vs. the numbers) but I hope maybe to get closer:

1. Travel.  Europe, Hawaii, South America, Africa.

2. Do major renovations on my home.  Or, sell it.

3.  Rent a beach house for a week when it is not too hot to enjoy it.

4. Retire from teaching and do something else.

5.  Buy life insurance (probably WILL do this in the coming year).

6.  Go back to California, and just breathe and relax.

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