How to be a proper hooman to cats….

Ok, we have a large number of cats.  We couldn’t have children of our own, besides Katie, who is an adult now, so the cats really are our babies.  We are both very attached to all of our cat children.  Despite their various disgusting practices: pooping, peeing, and puking.  All babies do that, and you know it, so if we think of them as babies, it makes the chores of cleaning up after them tolerable.  (I am assuming  that because Scott does the majority of that task).   To make our home cat friendly, we have done many things.

Built a screened porch.  (I enjoy it myself, too)

Made two cat litter stations with several boxes.

Made a former sofa table their dinner table to prevent the dog eating all their food. (Cat food is delicious to dogs in any form, digested, or undigested).

Allow them to share our bed, pillows, etc.  Sometimes I think they think it’s their bed.

Ignore the fact that they have shredded molding, curtains, and a chair.

Forego scatter rugs, for various reasons.

Allow outside time, and do catventory each night.

Applaud carcasses of moles, voles, and mice oh my.

buy treats, feed every time we walk by the food table – a few x’s and they are happy.

Pet vigorously and in the proper manner:  LuLu likes her ears rubbed, FiFi likes all over, Petey and Scout are lovers of the chin scritch.

Make toys out of tin foil, and probably endure more cat hair on our clothes than anyone who reads this.

And provide them cozy spots:  The metal tub on top of the fridge is a favorite haunt of

Lilly.  And, see below, baskets in warm spots and their dining table.


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