kitchen refresh

Having l lived in many homes growing up and as an adult, I’ve always just dealt with whatever kitchen I had.  In this house, I have not done much since it was fairly new when I moved in.  Over the years I have painted, added a new window, a new door, a deck and furniture to it.  Recently, we’ve been updating more.

The Jenn-Air with two burners and a grill was perfect for me and little Katie.  I could grill a chicken breast, and cook some veggies and a starch with no problem.  With Scott, a burgeoning foodie/gourmet, and at the same time a messy cook, the kitchen has taken a beating.  We’ve replaced the dishwasher, the fridge, and the sink and faucet.  We’ve filled the cabinets and broken a few.

So, we’re doing a refresh.  New stove is the main thing.  Investing in top of the line, installing gas, so we can really cook.  Can’t afford to rip the whole kitchen out and start over, as we’d like.  The cabinets will get a paint treatment, and Scott thinks he can install granite tile.  I’ve picked stainless peel and stick tile, and we finally agreed on the stove.  Perhaps we’ll get comfy barstools, and cabinet inserts that create cool pull out drawers.  And, maybe we’ll put a cabinet door in that wonky cabinet that is virtually not functional now.

It’ll all take a while, piece meal, as everything does.  Hopefully, no major repairs will interrupt our plans.  Next up, I think will be:

a new rug in the living room, and covering the brick around the fireplace – or painting it, and making a hearth.

refinishing that weird cabinet thing I have (perhaps I’ll get Dianne to do it for me)

the bathroom ceiling!

the extra room with no identity:  painting room? dressing room? guest room?

the bedroom: walls, floors, curtains, furniture

Not to mention the landscaping, the fence, and the ughhhh basement.  And, also not to mention the attic, the little things in each room, etc.

If I knew how to put up my “mood board” for the kitchen, I would, but ha ha I don’t so, sorry.

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