Summer Bucket List

Ok, so this is the list of things I need to do this summer.  Plus some I want to do.  I really need a schedule since so far all I have done is menial housework (mimimal?) and loaf around.

Clean!!! Literally every room needs a thorough cleaning. Also, the deck and porch need attention.

For the porch, I’d like to clean it, have Scott repair the screen and then make it more of an oasis (fan, plants, pillows, etc.) but this will cost some money – not a lot.   For the deck: power wash and re-stain, some renailing needed.

Kitchen: paint the cabinets, trim and walls – removing border, get new table and chairs, TV and fix the shelf/jelly cupboard situation.  The table, chairs and TV will be the last to get done, but that is ok.

Living room: get rid of junk!!! Paint a nice light green color. Also, want to paint the kitchen a soft tanish/grayish/khaki color so may do the same in here.

Bedroom and hall: clean, organize and paint. New blinds/curtains.  Shamefully, we have sheets over the windows.  Still.  (I’ve lived here 15 years).

Extra room: some cleaning, junk removal, finish the border, put up brass bed, curtains or blinds (or both).

Yard: Ugh.  Try to find a nice person to do the work for me for cheap.

Also, go back to paint class and get some painting (oil) done.

Visit Farmville – lake?

Visit a beach…. preferably on the Pacific – but that won’t happen.

Go to San Antonio!!!  Tickets bought.

Visit Richmond – always mean to go to Shockoe and that one area whose name escapes me but has all those funky little shops.  Oh!  Cary Street, that’s it!

Thinking of finding a yoga class for me and Katie to take together.  Or, I could just pop in the yoga dvd I already have.  Or just do the stuff I already know how to do, since being in yoga class causes me to have fits of giggles.  I’m weird.

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