I wish……..

I wish

I could blog daily, have ads and make money on blogging.

I had no debt and all my money was for living expenses and saving.

I wish I had all that money to travel far and wide.

I wish then, that I could conquer my fear of flying, sailing, cruising, and riding in a vehicle.

Because then I could tour Europe, Russia, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Peru, some of Canada, and a few islands.

I wish I didn’t feel guilty for wishing such selfish things.  I wish I could wish for an end to hunger, war and hatred.  I do wish for those things, but I doubt them.

I wish I could end ignorance.  That would be my super power!

I wish I could crinkle my nose like Samantha to clean my house and yard.

I wish I could be enlightened enough to not wish for things but to  be glad in what I have.  Which I am  for the most part.  But there are still a few more,

I wish there was a cure for Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

I wish no one got either.

I wish my husband would put the dang toilet seat down.  — trying to lighten the mood.

I wish potato chips and dip were calorie negative.

I wish I could go on forever, but this post is long enough.  What do you wish for most?

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One Response to I wish……..

  1. Staci says:

    I wish for health and happiness…for me, for my kids, for my friends and family…to me having those two things makes so many other things possible. Not withstanding…I also wish for an end to needless suffering. No one person can save the world…but I hope to be able to find the time to help others…and now that things are settling down…I’d like to find somewhere me and the boys could volunteer our time helping those less fortunate. We were the recipients of so many acts of kindness during Marie’s illness…I’d like to do for others what we were so fortunate to have had ourselves.

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