I wish……..

I wish

I could blog daily, have ads and make money on blogging.

I had no debt and all my money was for living expenses and saving.

I wish I had all that money to travel far and wide.

I wish then, that I could conquer my fear of flying, sailing, cruising, and riding in a vehicle.

Because then I could tour Europe, Russia, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Peru, some of Canada, and a few islands.

I wish I didn’t feel guilty for wishing such selfish things.  I wish I could wish for an end to hunger, war and hatred.  I do wish for those things, but I doubt them.

I wish I could end ignorance.  That would be my super power!

I wish I could crinkle my nose like Samantha to clean my house and yard.

I wish I could be enlightened enough to not wish for things but to  be glad in what I have.  Which I am  for the most part.  But there are still a few more,

I wish there was a cure for Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

I wish no one got either.

I wish my husband would put the dang toilet seat down.  — trying to lighten the mood.

I wish potato chips and dip were calorie negative.

I wish I could go on forever, but this post is long enough.  What do you wish for most?

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