Twenty Eleven Wrap Up

9 – 9 – 10 – Well, I guess I am sort of intrigued by numbers/numerology.  My one and only baby was born at 9:09 on the 9th.  My grandaughter has a name with 9 letters in the first and 9 letters in the second.  9+9=18, 1+8 = 9.  I was born on the 19th.  My daughter was born on 12/9, as was her father, paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother.  Just stuff that is probably meaningless, but still interesting to me.

2011 was a weird year.  Definitely not a bad year.  Seems like a long time since I could have written that.

So, I began the year knowing that Marianne, my one and only neice (besides Scott’s side, whom I’ve never met) would be having a baby boy way down in San Antonio. I had no idea that there would be two more additions to the family. More on that later.

I had no idea that I would be taking an actual vacation.   Let’s talk about that first.  Scott, while on a conference – which means long days and many days away from home, told me to plan a vacay.  Since money is limited, I declined and that was that.  Until my mom mentioned that Scott never has wanted to spend money on a vacation in all the time I’ve known him.  So, I thought, ok, beach trip.  After a bit of internet research, I found a place in New Hampshire that was cheaper than any VA or Outer Banks locations.  We had a wonderful time.  So good that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of that trip.  I will probably write an entire post on it (if I haven’t already and forgot) soon.

Visiting San Antonio was great!  However, that trip and the other airline trip made me realize I hate flying  – actually I had bumping around that I don’t understand.  And, the landing at Dallas was bad!  But the visiting of my adorable nephews and the nice house and neighborhood that their parents have was worth it.  Avery is so cute and lovable, and Christian is a hilarious comedian.  And it was a nice way to tribute my big sister, Jane.

Another highlight was taking my daughter to the ER because she was dehydrated from vomiting.  Highlight because that is when we found out she was pregnant.  I waited with nervousness as she reacted, but was happy when she started thinking out loud about names.

And then school started, ugh,  and I got busy and before I knew it, our newest, most precious gift was here.  The tiny, beautiful baby was here.  And everything changed.

And she is perfect.  And my heart grew ten sizes.  And 2011 will go down as a good year.  The first good year, of what I hope is many.

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