Weird and Mysterious

While searching for something last night, I rummaged through my top dresser drawer. Something heavy and stiff struck me and I was surprised. I grasped the object and heart-pounding, I pulled it out. It was about 12 inches long and pretty hefty in weight. Once it was out, I saw that it was a dagger in a sheaf.

I have never bought a dagger. I’ve never put one in my dresser. In a panicky voice, I asked my husband if he had stashed a knife in my underwear drawer. “Of course not,” he indignantly replied. After much back and forth, and questioning of anyone who has been in our house, the conundrum unfolded.

We never have people in here. Part of it is the cats. Ugh. The cats. Part of it is the commute. Part of it is the laziness. Part of it is wanting to do things on weekends besides yard/house work. But, my house is not in a state I feel comfortable sharing. Hence, nobody is here.

My brother in law stayed here last year due to an odd situation with work and cancer, so he was questioned. In a rage, I thought, how dare he go in my bedroom. After all, the master bedroom (mine hardly is one, but it is the biggest of the two) is sacred. The master bedroom in any house is by invitation only. But, he denied the knife. Knowing his habits with things like knives, I don’t think it is his.
Nobody else has been here! My daughter has been here. But, she wouldn’t have spent the money on what is at least $100 for a knife.

How freaked out should I be to find a strange knife in my underwear drawer?


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