A new Blog!

Well, quite a bit of time has passed since I posted.  Haven’t felt much like posting since the past year has been filled with lots of bad, of course some good. But a myriad of awful.

Jane died.  Wow.  How is that even possible?  I have written privately about it, and maybe will here, too, but not now.

Dad died.  I’m still reeling from this event.  Can’t write yet.

Four new babies in the family.  Two are probably not going to be interacting with us.  But, Marianne had little Madeleine, and I can’t wait to meet her.  I miss seeing Christian and Avery.

I was prompted to update because of my classes this year.  I have to teach Language Arts this year – don’t even get me started on why…. I don’t mind, really, but it doesn’t come as naturally to me as history.  Read: I have to plan and can’t just fly by the seat of my pants.

I have super smart classes this year, too.  It is a good thing, but they tend to think they are know it alls.  Smart does not equal knowing.  They have a great deal to learn, and the main thing is how to think and how to question.  And also they need to learn to stop looking for the guidelines, and be creative!   Of course having mostly smart kids really makes the not so smart ones really stand out.

The pressure this year is immense.  Too many tests and too much pressure to have certain scores.  This is not good for education.   So, I am rebelling.  I’m using a book that is not on the mandated list!  I’m doing things that I know are right, but that are slightly outside the parameters – yee haw.  That makes me motivated.

I’m taking a writing class that is really good.  I got into a couple grad programs and maybe I’ll actually do it.  I’m looking forward to the holidays with Miss Charlotte.

Speaking of the little Miss Charlotte.  She is a dream!  We took her to see the musical Charlotte’s Web.  It was kind of an odd production, but she seemed to love it.  She did her little happy dance in her booster seat!  Soooo cute.

Everything else is ok.  Just ok.  I’ll take it.

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